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Fat Hostage No More with a low carb lifestyle
Fat Hostage No More with a low carb lifestyle

Counting calories doesn't do it.

We've all done it. Starving ourselves faint just to lose a few measly pounds, counting calories till the cows come home....deprivation, brain fog...only to pile back on later EVERY single, measly pound ... plus more, with interest.

Inside this eBook, you'll learn:
** What insulin is and how to control it to prevent fat storage
** How to use a low-carb diet to slash your weight
** 4 popular low-carbs diets which burn fat like a furnace...
** How to turbo-charge your weight loss by managing your ketosis state.
** The best sugar substitutes to satisfy your sweet tooth...
** A complete 10-day meal plan to keep you on track with your weight loss goals

Turn YOUR Hunger Switch OFF! 

Start eating delicious REAL food and keep off the flab!

Yes, you CAN stop being hungry; you CAN ditch calorie counting for good.

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Calories in minus calories out equals HOW I GET FAT

This is scientifically wrong, and was disproved by Dr Adolph FIck. MD, way back in 1893! 

Hello, hello! We've all been sleep walking all the way to the fridge!

Will Evaporate With Time

Carbs are what make you fat, and fatter and even fatter.
Worried you'll remain a carb slave forever? No! Not if you follow our holistic way.
As an after note, excessive carbs are the precursor of degenerative diseases including cancer. Have you ever visited an oncology ward? Believe you me, you don't ever want to contract cancer. 


Will Make You Slim For Life

Learn the real scientific facts about fats, proteins and carbohydrates

and how they affect your health and your weight, and therefore, your well-being: physical, mental and emotional.

Gourmet it to Peak Health


You can lose weight for good by following a delicious low-carb, medium fat, medium protein diet. The key is to use prime ingredients and premium supplements. 

Join ​our Tribe

Eat & Enjoy Delicious REAL FOOD as Medicine

Lose Your Unwanted Weight!

GOURMET IT! To Peak Health!

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Fat - Lose it and Keep It Lost


SUGAR - The Obesity Seducer ~
The Sweet Poison; The Silent Killer
Sugar, The Biggest Culprit of
Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer...

Sugar The Sweet Poison

We all know that we should eat fewer 'empty calories' 
to lose that pesky, unwanted weight...

But did you know that sugar is more than just 'empty calories'? It is one major cause of degenerative illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Inside this Free eBook, you'll discover:

** The disgusting truth why sugar is slowly, and surely, killing you while making you FAT and OBESE.

** The basic mechanics of sugar, and how it harms your health

** How to get you and your family off sugar, and onto a healthy DELICIOUS, REAL FOOD eating plan. You will see your fat and excess weight melt away.

** Your 28-day sugar detox plan

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